13 Different Types Of Upholstery Fabric For Furniture

Some 100% cotton fabrics are designed for light use and are good for your pillows and not the sofa. The medium-duty coating has between 10,000 and 15,000 double smears. It is very often the combination of rayon, cotton and polyester. For example, 44% lightning, 33% polyester and 23% cotton are attributed to a longer fabric. You should vacuum wool regularly to prevent dust from clogging your fibers. Some of the wool requires dry cleaning, although you can often find special products or clean wool furniture at home. Cotton is a natural fiber and is often used for upholstery. Cotton is also used in synthetic fiber blends, adding texture and durability, but these blends are slightly less resistant to wrinkles and dirt. Our selection includes a wide range of wall fabric styles and construction

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